Commercial Fleets

Trust is its own kind of currency when it comes to commercial fleets and Circuitlink provides the industry’s most trusted vehicle technology solutions.

Circuitlink and Commercial Fleet Management

For decades, Circuitlink has been the trusted solutions provider for business and government owned and leased commercial fleet vehicles. When it comes to commercial transport, whether you’re transporting goods or people, it is imperative to have the right tools to efficiently manage, monitor and maintain those vehicles and drivers. Our top-of-the-line diagnostic, monitoring and fleet management solutions ensure the safety of your people and that your business and vehicles are dependable.

Fleet Management​

Track the movements and progress of your fleet vehicles and drivers with Circuitlink’s comprehensive fleet management tools and technology solutions.

Vehicle Testing Equipment

Circuitink has a wide range of vehicle safety inspection equipment such as brake testers used to test vehicles to ensure you fulfil your duty of care for your team’s vehicle safety.

Top PRODUCTS for Commercial Fleets

Here are some products that are perfectly suited to Commercial Fleet Managers and markets.

Intelligo Fleet Software

Intelligo is an online internet-based hosted solution for comprehensive overall fleet reporting and analysis, currently available as a subscription service.

Tacholink T5 Event Data Recorder

Available with a myriad of I/O options to cater for all vehicle types, along with sophisticated control options such as vigilance systems Circuitlink can tailor a solution for your unique needs.

Brake Check

Circuitlink’s Brake Check unit is a portable, battery-powered brake equipment testing unit designed for all road vehicles.