Race Data

Circuitlink has had a long history and expertise in vehicle data capture. This has now resulted in a natural progression to become a new player in providing quality race car data.

Circuitlink and Racing

The Circuitlink Race Data system is a cost effective, entry to mid-level package, designed for the weekend track hobbyist and race club enthusiast and has the capability to record a comprehensive range of vehicle data including, Hi Freq GPS, Speed, braking, X Y Z accelerometer, Throttle position, Lap & Sector time, and will help drivers find those extra seconds around the track.

One of the unique aspects of Circuitlink Race Data is the built-in feature of sharing your data with your club mates.  When the data is shared and clearly presented, drivers can see and understand differences between drivers and vehicles.  Drivers then learn where there are opportunities to make adjustments at critical places on the track.  It might be braking later into a specific turn. Specific driving characteristics can be quickly identified, and the improvement begins.  Faster times follow!

Event Data Logging Systems

State of the art high resolution, multi-input logging equipment complete with high accuracy GPS receivers monitor your race car at minute levels to enable you to compare your laps and find opportunities for improving your times.

Race Analytics

Harness the power of your Event Data Logger through online data analytics. Track your progress between your peers and across your race meets with Circuitlink’s comprehensive fleet management tools and technology solutions.

Top PRODUCTS for Racing

Here are some products perfectly suited to the racing industry and professionals.

Tacholink T5 Event Data Recorder

Available with a myriad of I/O options to cater for all vehicle types, along with sophisticated control options such as vigilance systems Circuitlink can tailor a solution for your unique needs.

Intelligo Fleet Software

Intelligo is an online internet-based hosted solution for comprehensive overall fleet reporting and analysis, currently available as a subscription service.

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