No – for all new product purchases, please see your local GPC (Repco, NAPA) Dealer. 

For QLD customers, you can have your unit Serviced through our Brisbane Service Centre. To access this service, please see your local GPC (Repco/NAPA) Store and they will organise it all for you.

For VIC customers, you can also have your unit Serviced through our Melbourne Service Centre. To access this service, please see your local GPC (Repco/NAPA) Store and they will organise it all for you.

For all other Customers,

Please send to our HQ Service Centre.
Mailing address is:
4/87 Station Rd,
Seven Hills
NSW 2147

Please enclose business details and contact information including email, also enclose breif discription of Unit Fault and/or required works.

Calibration is due every 2 years for most models of the BrakeTesta. However if you are using a BTMHv or BTRxM then calibration is due every 12 months.

The BrakeCheck is due for Calibration every 2 years. In New Zealand, every 12 months

Calibration is due every 2500 tests or every 2 years, which ever come first.

Once we receive the unit at our Service Centre, it is booked in and placed in a queue to be inspected. During the inspection if we find any issues that we deem to be faulty or foresee any works needing to be done within the next 6 months to maintain the integrity of the unit, a quote is then sent back to the customer for approval. Once we receive an answer, repair and/or calibrations are completed. This process is roughly 5 business days.

We have an express service for calibrations and repairs. The general turn around time for an express service is 24-48hrs from receival of the unit to dispatch back to the customer. An extra charge is incurred for express service.

If your unit is out of date/time, the unit MUST come back to our Service Centre to have the date and time reset. This cannot be done by a third party.

We accept payment via credit card (over the phone) or via direct deposit. We will not accept cash or cheques.

Loan units are only available for Sydney local customers that drop their unit off at our Sydney Service Centre. A loan form is to be filled out prior to dropping off your unit and sighting of credit card details are done at drop off. Some GPC (Repco, NAPA) stores have loan units available, please contact your local Repco to organise if you are outside the Sydney area. Loans costs my be incurred.

If your question has not been answered, please submit you question via the support button in the bottom right of the page.