Regulatory Enforcement

Circuitlink has a wide range of reliable diagnostic tools to help regulatory enforcement professionals and services test vehicle against regulation standards.

Circuitlink and Regulatory Enforcement

For decades, Circuitlink has been a trusted technology and solutions provider to regulatory enforcement professionals and companies. No matter where you are in the world, there are regulations and safety standards that all vehicles, whether they are private, commercial and industrial, must comply with. Industry professionals who work with all types of vehicles trust our range of diagnostic equipment due to their simple functionality and portability. Our testing tools are easily configured and can be used by professionals of all levels to identify faults and ensure vehicular safety in accordance with regulatory standards.

Test for Compliance

Circuitlink offers the best tools in the market for testing vehicles for compliance to the relevant standards, including brakes and tint testing equipment.

Ensure Vehicle Safety

Regulatory Enforcement is a critical part of keeping our vehicles safe on the road. Whatever your role, Circuitlink has the right tools to enable you to be confident of your testing regime.

Top PRODUCTS for Regulatory Enforcement

Here are some products perfectly suited to regulatory enforcement of safety standards for all vehicles types.

Brake Check

Circuitlink’s Brake Check unit is a portable, battery-powered brake equipment testing unit designed for all road vehicles.

Tint Testa

The Tint Testa from Circuitlink is a photo-optic instrument that efficiently and accurately measures visible light transmission (VLT) through any type of glass or film, like window tinting.