Tacholink Compact Series

Your on-board, covert Asset Tracker and Data Logger


The Tacholink Compact is a mobile asset telematic data recorder, much smaller than its big brother, the T5/T6 series. Designed to be installed on any mobile asset that is limited for space or to be covertly installed. The Tacholink Compact series logs a limited number of inputs, of differing types, at high frequencies, to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the mobile asset's whereabouts and its activity.
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for detecting impact
  • Designed for bus, rail infrastructure and support vehicles, passenger vehicles, truck fleets, medium to large industrial equipment
  • 1-Wire Intergration
  • Battery Backup to complete data recording during power failure
  • Covert installation for greater asset protection
  • Seamless Integration with Intelligo Data Portal
  • IP67 case and connections available
  • Conditional based alert options
  • Hard wired or OBDII connection options

Tacholink compact Variants

Tacholink PnP

TacholinkPnP is a 3G GPS tracking unit with OBD-II Interface and plug-n-play installation. Featuring OBD / CAN Bus J1939 data acquisition, Bluetooth connectivity, driving behaviour event management, and user-defined reports, TacholinkPnP is an ideal solution for Usage Based Insurance, Car Rental, Fleet Management of both Passenger Vehicles and Heavy-Duty Trucks, and Teenage Driver Tracking. Using the optional piggy back cable or extension cable, the Tachonlink PnP can also be installed covertly.

  • 3G communication with 2G fallback.
  • OBDII & J1339 data acquisition
  • Easy plug and play installation and compatible with various vehicle that offers OBDII ports
  • Built-In buzzer for notification; basing on configurable
  • Information/data pushed to Intelligo system for live asset tracking and reporting
  • 1-Wire iButton Reader & Tag (optional)
  • 1-Wire Magnetic iButton Reader & Tag (optional)
  • 1-Wire Temp. Sensor Probe (optional)
  • Piggy back cable/splitter (optional)
  • Extension cable (optional)

Tacholink Lite

TacholinkLite is a compact and IP67 rated 4G/LTE tracking device suitable for monitoring various types of mobile assets. It can be easily and covertly installed with a 3-wire connection, and offers additional capabilities for ignition detection, environment temperature monitoring, Driver ID, and SOS alerts. With built-in features like configurable tracking, user-defined reporting, motion & impact detection, geo-fencing, driver behaviour monitoring and speeding, TacholinkLite is a flexible and reliable device for diverse tracking applications.

  • 4G LTE Cat.1 connectivity with 3G fallback.
  • IP67 casing for water and dust protection
  • 3-wire easy installation
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for detecting impact
  • Configurable real-time tracking and logging
  • Covert installation for great asset protection
  • Information/data pushed to Intelligo system for live asset tracking and reporting
  • 1-Wire iButton Reader & Tag (optional)
  • 1-Wire Magnetic iButton Reader & Tag (optional)
  • 1-Wire Trailer ID (optional)
  • Mounting Bracket for TacholinkLite (optional)
  • Business / Private Trip Switch Button Cable (optional)