Vehicle Compliance

Our tough and reliable range of vehicle testing equipment has been designed to comply with international industry standards. From our handheld vehicle brake testers to our window tint compliance tester we’ve got you covered.

Vehicle Telematics

Our telematic hardware and software solutions for recording event data and for fleet management have been built with industry leading data-capturing capability for all vehicles across the mining, road and rail sectors.

About Circuitlink

Circuitlink has built an enviable reputation over three decades building tough, reliable, vehicle compliance equipment and big data telematic solutions for the automotive industry, vehicle compliance market, as well as the transit and rail industries across private and public sectors.

Our Brake Testa and Brake Check compliance products are industry benchmarks and sold around the world for roadworthy testing and mine site vehicle compliance testing. Our other flagship product is the powerful 5th generation T5 Tacholink range of data recorders which capture the smallest of details for any type of vehicle; within mining, road and rail. Some vehicles are capturing in excess of 100 different inputs to provide an in-depth understanding of a vehicles activity. The mass of data captured can then be optimised through our online tool, Intelligo. This smart tool provides access and visualisations of the big data captured from the T5 which is stored on our secure servers. So, no matter where you are in the world, we’ve got you covered.

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Vehicles with Event Data Recorders / Telematic Devices
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Compliance test instruments, millions of tests completed