Mining, Oil and Gas

Circuitlink is a trusted partner to the mining, oil and gas industries, providing testing and management tools for both on and off-road vehicles.

Circuitlink and Mining, Oil and Gas

For decades, Circuitlink has been a trusted technology and solutions provider to companies and professionals across the mining, oil and gas industries. Industry professionals who work with all types of vehicles trust our range of testing equipment to ensure vehicle compliance with regulation standards. The simple functionality and portability of our testing and diagnostic products make them perfect companions for both on and off-road testing. Whether you work with these vehicles directly or in vehicle maintenance, we have the right tools to identify faults and ensure the good working order of vehicles and safety of workers.

Test for Braking Compliance

Circuitlink offers the best tools in the market for testing vehicles for compliance in accordance with applicable standards such as AS 2958.1.

Fleet Management

Track the movements, operational status and progress of your fleet vehicles and drivers with Circuitlink’s comprehensive fleet management tools and technology solutions.

Top PRODUCTS for the Mining, Oil and Gas Industries

Here are some products that are perfectly suited to mining, oil and gas industries and professionals.

Brake Testa RxM

Circuitlink’s Brake Testa RxM unit is a new generation portable, battery-powered brake equipment testing unit designed for heavy and slow-moving vehicles in accordance with AS2958.1.

Intelligo Fleet Software

Intelligo is an online internet-based hosted solution for comprehensive overall fleet reporting and analysis, currently available as a subscription service.