Brake Testa Rx Series

Independently verified by the CSIRO, the BrakeTesta Rx Series are portable, all-in-one battery-powered brake equipment testing units.

How does a brake tester work?

Circuitlink is a leading manufacturer of portable vehicle brake testers and related products such as meters and data loggers for the automotive industry with applications in all industries including transportation, heavy trucking, forklift trucks and other mobile equipment. Our 3-in-1 portable tester provides true braking capabilities by using an actual weight system to measure wheel rotation while simultaneously checking for proper pad surface conditions.

What does the Brake Testa Rx measure?

The Brake Testa Rx series brake testing equipment measures:

Deceleration Values

The peak and average deceleration values, selectable between ‘g’ force and m/s2.

Stopping Distance

The decel distance, which is the calculated stopping distance from deceleration values, and decel time, which is the time it takes for the vehicle to come to a complete stop from first applying the brakes.

Peak Pedal Pressure

Measures the amount of driver brake pedal pressure applied during the brake test.

The highly linear force function reduces the complexity during calibration, and increases the long term reliability of the unit.

Test Duration
Time taken from application of brakes to the vehicle coming to a complete stop,

Test Speed
Calculates the test speed to ensure is within regulatory guidelines.

Extra Data Collected
  • Vehicle and Examiner Details
  • Test date, time and duration
  • Test location latitude and longitude (Optional on RXG model)

Circuitlink Brake Testa Rx Series Variants

Brake Test Rx

The Rx model is the base unit in the series. This unit is simple to operate and requires minimal training, as the simplified setup process ensures tests are completed correctly the first time. This self-contained unit is portable and the lithium battery a longer battery life for greater efficiency. It also contains a GPS Time module to ensure time is always correct for regulatory compliance.  The test procedure itself, which includes both the hand and foot brakes, ensures all relevant data is captured and reported to assist with compliance. The Brake Testa Rx model is applicable for testing on-road vehicles, including Light and Heavy vehicles. This unit also includes a USB port to easily upgrade software and upload files to the RMS for the Mobile Pink Slip pilot.

Brake Testa RxG

The RxG model is the next step up from the Rx. Like the Rx, the RxG measures average and peak deceleration, stopping distance, test speed and the brake pedal pressure required to stop a vehicle. However, a new key feature of the RxG model is a state of the art GPS GEO-location receiver module enabling the device to record the test location in accordance with new government regulations for certain test classes (Rx model is upgradeable to GPS location services). Other RxG only features include visual and audible alerts on GPS, sensors to that tell you the device is ready to complete the test.  This model is compliant to NSW RMS Mobile Mechanics and QLD COI CL Inspection standards.

Brake Testa RxM

The RxM model in this series shares all the same features as the RxG, but in addition it is designed for Off road heavy and slow moving vehicles such as Mine Site Mobile Plant (Off-Highway) vehicles for testing under AS2945, forklifts and trains. Like the other models in the series, it is also compliant with Australian Road Worthiness and Safety standards.  It measures average and peak deceleration, stopping distance, test speed and brake response time and pressure required to stop a vehicle.  Like the RxG, the RxM has a state of the art GPS receiver module as a standard feature, enabling the device to record the test location in accordance with new government regulations for certain test classes including the NSW RMS Mobile Mechanic Pink Slip trial and QLD COI CL Class Inspections. The RxM’s perfermance, reliability and stability has also been independantly verified by the CSIRO.


Circuitlink Brake Testa Rx Series Specifications


Li-Ion  5000mAh, 3.7V rechargeable battery


WiFi, Bluetooth (Pending Software Update)




USB Port


260mm x 280mm x 700mm


Solid State 4GB eMMc


2 line 16 character LCD